Trip To Grampi and Mimi’s

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by Cheryl

We were privileged today to visit the home of Linny and Perry’s grandparents today, Linda and Wendell.  They graciously  shared themselves and the life they have  in beautiful Portland.

The children were invited to run, frolic, pet ducks, plant seeds, picnic, eat watermelon, pick and eat a variety of lettuces, and play basketball.

Oh, and the bus ride is always fun…

It is difficult to share in this post the breadth of our experience today, but I hope this gives a sense of how wonderful it was.  We look forward to deeper and continued reflection and sharing of this special day!

3 Comments on “Trip To Grampi and Mimi’s”

  1. How special! Tycho finally fell asleep on the way home from school…Not in time for actual nap time, I’m afraid. I love that picture of those cuties on the bus!

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