The Study of Self Continues

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By Laura

Near the end of September we invited each preschooler to look in the mirror and draw a picture of their face. Since then they have had a chance to match their skin color to paint chips and create a collage self-portrait, turn the camera on themselves for a photo self-portrait and sculpt their faces out of clay. Simultaneously, their sense of identity and its expression through the languages of art is developing daily, by the hour really, in their play, dance, conversation, story telling, acting, conflict, connection, affection and invention. We decided to pause,  six months later, and welcome them back to the initial exercise. Offering another chance to look and wonder: Who am I right now? What details do I notice in the mirror? How do I represent myself using pen and paper? How have I changed? How have I stayed the same?

While they drew we jotted down words and phrases they said about their faces and their process. After they drew we asked each artist some questions about themselves (i.e. Who are you? What do you like to do? Who is your family? What do you like to do with your family?, etc.). Interspersed with some photos of the experience are quotations from these conversations . . .


“And that’s my eyes and that’s my smile.” -WK

“Then I’m gonna draw my glasses . . . glass . . . glass.” -CH

“I like to go to Porque No to have dinner. I like to play. And I have a garden plot right at the base of Mt. Tabor.” -LRK


“And I like to love my mom and dad. When Haio’s hugging Bernadette I like to run and jump in to give a family hug to Bernadette.” -SF

“Teeny tiny ears!” -PR

“That’s the pupil.” -AG

“I love to go and get ice cream at Ben and Jerry’s.  . . . I love to play outside with no parents.” -LC


“I love to go outside and play on my slide and hang on my jungle gym thing. Heather is one of of my mom’s midwiveses and she let me have her little hangy thing.” -CS

“I see eyelashes . . . ten, I see ten!” -AdR

“My family always be’s silly.”-ITG


“I like to go to the Children’s Museum. I also like OMSI. Did you know I love, love, love, love the Kitty Tank Story. I know that Rachel likes to tell the Kitty Tank story.” -WK

“Joe, my mom, Tori, Deedo and myself all take care of me.” -CH

“That’s a little bit of dried snot on my nose.” -LC


“I like to do painting and I like to do drawing and I like to do artwork everywhere. I like to play with my pogostick and I like to play with my tinkertoys everywhere. My mom and dad cook and work and they do everything. And I set the table. The end.” -PR

“And I’m really sad about moving and leaving you guys behind. One really happy thing is I get to move to Los Angeles and have a baby brother. We get to celebrate with the baby brother.” -AG

“My eyelashes are long, and this one curls this way and this one points this way.” -LR

“I like my twenty trucks.” -UB


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