The Story of a Broken Arm

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by Alisha

This Monday when we got to school, we all learned that a friend of ours, LG, had broken his arm over the weekend. We have been missing our friend LG dearly so we were very excited today when LG finally came back to school! We had so many questions for our friend!

Here is our (long) conversation from circle time today…

Alisha: We have all been having so many questions and wonderings about the story of what happened to your arm! Could you you tell us what happened? How did you hurt your arm?

STa: On the monkey bars…

Alisha: Let’s let LG tell the story.

LG: I was at Richmond park and I was hanging on some monkey bars and I fell and then my arm went behind me and it just broke.

Alisha: So it was kind of behind you when you fell and you landed on it? Ouch! Did you cry?

Katee: Did it hurt??

LG: Yeah. I just couldn’t stop!

Alisha: You just couldn’t stop crying because it hurt so bad!

DB: And sometimes when I want to stop crying I do a volcano breath.

LG: But it was just hanging there when my dad was carrying me.

Alisha: Your arm was kind of hanging when your dad was carrying you. Where did he carry you? To the hospital?

LG: Yeah. So I didn’t get any shots. And I got a cast.

Alisha: And did you get an X-ray? Because I have X-ray pictures right here! Should I show everyone?

LG: Yeah!

Kids: Yeah!

(shows X-rays)

DB: Woahhhhh…. what part is that?

STr: My mommy got one of these X-rays before!

Alisha: Yeah, a lot of you have probably seen these before. There are two different X-rays here. One of them LG’s  arm is straight, and the other his arm is bent. It’s hard for me to tell which part is broken…

LG: Yeah, it’s all cracked.

Katee: Sometimes it’s the size of a hair. So small only a doctor could see it.

Alisha: It might be too small to see but these are pictures of LG’s bones that are inside his body. Can everyone feel their elbow? That’s a bone. Do you feel that bone? I think around there is part of where LG broke his bone. So, LG, after you went to the doctor, and you got X-Rays, did they say, “yep, it’s broken!”

LG: Yeah

Alisha: And then what? How did you get a cast?

LG: Well, at first I had a different one.

Katee: Was it a splint?

LG: Yes. A splint.

DB: And then it just grew bigger into that cast?

LG: Well they said what color did I want and I choosed green!

Katee: You chose green! What other colors were there?

LG: Pink.

Alisha: Raise your hand if you would have chose green… Raise your hand if you would have chose pink… Orange?… Blue?…  Woah, everyone has different favorite colors!

Katee: LG, your favorite color is red, right? Did they have red?

LG: No

Katee: Oh, did you choose your second favorite color?

LG: Yeah

DB: If I was at the doctor, and I needed a cast on my arm, I would choose green..

EB: I would pick purple.

(Other children start talking about what color they would choose.)

Alisha: Raise your hand if you have any questions for LG about what happened or how it felt? Then we can talk a bit about how we can take care of LG at school.

EB: I wonder how he… umm.. How the doctor put the cast on…

LG: Well they did take it off once when I was sleeping.

Katee: Oh, did the cast get put on when you were asleep?

LG: No, but they took it off when I was sleeping and they gave me medicine that made me tired and that then made me fall asleep so that if there was an emergency it would still be a very deep sleep, deeper than at home.

Alisha: Yeah. Katee was talking about (yesterday) how one time when she was a kid she got the medicine that made her sleep and then she woke up and her arm was in a cast.

Katee: Did you watch them put the cast on?

LG: Yeah.

Katee: Maybe you woke up and your arm was in the splint? I have a question. I noticed that it looks like the inside is soft and the outside is hard. Does it feel soft on the inside? What does it feel like in there?

LG: It feels like fuzzy! Who wants to touch the soft part?

(many children raise their hand and LG calls children one by one to touch the soft part. LG reminds children to talk towards him slowly and move slowly to not accidentally hurt his arm)

(while children are taking turns touching LG’s cast, others feel their different bones in their body including ribs, collarbones, ankles. They also start finding other green things around the room that are the same green as LG’s cast. Katee suggests we find leaves outside that match.)

DB: Alisha, I have an idea!

Alisha: What’s your idea?

DB: People can find green stuff with me for LG to bring home!

Alisha: That’s a great idea! Okay, I some ideas about how we can take care of LG at school… This is up to LG and it’s also up to you. You might have to play some different kinds of games with LG because he isn’t allowed to climb with his cast. He can’t climb on the stumps or geodome or elephant wall. He has to stay on the ground. So maybe you can play games with him that are on the ground. If he fell off and hurt his arm more, it would not be good. When his arm is healing, it takes his body a lot of energy to heal it.

Katee: Does it make you feel tired, LG?

LG: Yeah…

EB: Make sure he heals it because so he won’t hurt his arm more.

SM: Don’t hit his cast super hard

Alisha: Don’t hit the cast super hard. LG, how would you like your cast to be touched?

LG: Like this…. (gently touches his arm)

Alisha: Can everyone practice that on their own arm. He wants it to be touched gently. Do you want people to ask before they touch your arm?

LG: Yes!

Alisha: So each time before you touch his arm and cast, you can ask, “Can I gently touch your cast?” He might say yes or he might say no.

DB: And don’t jump near him.

Alisha: Yeah that’s another way to take care of him. LG really usually loves to wrestle. He is usually such a wrestler and he loves to jump around. But with his cast, he is going to have to do a different kind of playing with you all. We want his arm to have a chance to heal back to normal so he can get back to wrestling!

AD: I like to wrestle with BS!

Alisha: Yes you do, maybe when LG’s arm is healed you will wrestle with him! Anyone else have idea about how we can take care of LG at school?

LW: Do not spit at him.

Alisha: True. Do not spit at him, or anyone! One last idea or question for LG?

DB: Did you call the ambulance?

LG: My mommy and daddy drove me to the hospital. I got in my car seat and my daddy sat next to me.

Alisha: I bet that was kind of scary. Was it?

LG: No, I had a pillow to put my arm on.

Katee: Is it really heavy?

LG: Yes.

Katee: Luca’s dad showed me something special that helps LG hold his arm up. What is called?

LG: A sling!

Katee: Yes, a sling. Kind of like a sling that you carry a baby in. Babies can be heavy and are fragile and want to be carried. Luca is carrying a really heavy thing around now! So this sling can help when LG is like his arm is heavy and he is tired.

(Katee helps put it on and LG stands up to show everyone the sling.)

(Then we all give him cards that we made him while he was gone.)




When we first heard about the broken arm, we started setting up a bone provocation on one of the tables with different skeleton images, a skull replica and different types of drawing utensils each day. The children have been busy exploring the the provocation by studying bones they see in the images, feeling and moving the skull and drawing. Here are some of the bone drawings that children have created so far (click to enlarge)…


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  1. Thank you for making his return to school so special! It’s also so exciting to see the learning that is resulting from this broken bone.

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