The Post Office

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By Laura

We have noticed several children playing games about delivering mail, mail trucks and mail planes. So next week we have scheduled a walking field trip to our local post office. Today at circle we did some thinking about mail and post offices. We made a list of some of the things we already know about the post office. And developed some questions to ask when we visit it.

We Already Know:

It’s for mail sending

For giving mail to people you love

Packages, too!

Trucks bring mail to your house sometimes

Trucks also pick up mail, bring to the post office and deliver them to different places

Big blue box is called a mailbox and put your mail in it

A stamp is something you put on the mail, if it falls off they throw it away (some disagreement about this one, so it became a question)

At the post office we wait in line, then they put a stamp on it, and then they mail

Our Questions:

How do they put the mail in the trucks?

What happens if a stamp falls off a piece of mail?

Where do they put the mail in the truck?

Can you make your own stamp?

During explore time, a small group of children made their own mail, including some hand-illustrated stamps.

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