The Best Present

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By Laura

Today we celebrated AH’s third birthday with her parents Tracy and Andrea.



AH was actually born on December 25th, so Andrea said, “She was our Christmas present.” Now they celebrate Christmas and “AH-mas” (insert her first name for the initials). She was born to the sound of Christmas caroling–a family who had eight children had come to the hospital that evening to sing to all the patients. And she fit inside her own stocking–she was only five pounds, 13 ounces. At this point in the story, AM asked, “Why was the stocking so big?” To which AH’s parents responded, “The stocking was normal sized, she was just so tiny.”

DSC_0005Before blowing out her candles AH we asked her what her wish was for the new year. “Hmmm,” she thought, “Snowballs!” Then with persistence she blew out all three candles.



AH brought two special objects to share. A small stuffed animal named Koali and a Little Bear book that included the story, “Birthday Soup.” We passed around the koala while Andrea read the story. And then everyone cut a rug–including Koali.


We are so glad Andrea and Tracy have shared their joyful, loving, and courageous present with us. One of her favorite preschool activities is to hold and cuddle our bunnies. She loves this so much that she almost passed up baking her own birthday treat. We reassured her that she could do both–bake the banana bread and then come out and hold a bunny. This is exactly what she did. AH is truly a gift to our classroom this year and we look forward to continuing the journey with her in this next trip around the sun. She is already looking ahead–today she made a picture of a spider holding up four legs.





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