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by Alisha

Today during circle I used props to tell the first part a story about a little girl named Quinn, who lives high up in the mountains.

DSC_0020After an earthquake, Quinn runs through the dark forest to check on her grandmother who lives near her. On her way she hears some crunching in the forest and was surprised (and a little afraid) to see a dragon looking back at her. The dragon was also surprised and a little scared to see a human. The earthquake had made a hole in his cave, which had previously been cut off from the outside world for a long long time. The dragon had been protecting hidden treasure for over 1,000 years.  They made a plan to meet the next day to find the cave which holds the hidden treasure, but it seemed to have disappeared during the earthquake. Why was she afraid of the dragon? Why was the dragon afraid of her? Will they find the cave? What is the treasure? How did the dragon get in the cave? Where did he come from?

Story telling has been very prevalent this year so we decided to do a story workshop for explore time today. For some, today was their first story workshop. During story workshop there are different provocations and/or materials are available to “find stories” in.  Today the block area and dress up areas were open as well as a table with pens, markers and pictures of dragons. 2015-09-14

When a child has found a story, a teacher records it. Here are some of them:

by K

by KC

There was a villager named trayaurus and there’s also someone named Dan TDM and they were in his house. There was a dog named grim. Such a silly name for a dog. There was a door and trayaurus opened it and thee was some body there. A delivery man! The delivery man delivered an enchanted golden apple. Trayaurus went to sleep and Dam TDM, too. Grim was in his bed and the bed was wood. Yellow was the window. Grim was looking out of the window.  Grim ate so much. He ate all the blue up the wall. Then there was a testing chamber (drew with green onto next paper on the left side). Trayaurus made an invention in there. He filled it with lava. A sculpture of a person filled with lava. Grim was walking. Trayaurus walked with grim holding him with a leash. He made another invention on the other side and there was a beacon, which is something that tells you where your village is. Dan TDM was watching through the window. He watched in all of the,. He saw electricity going through the inventions and then it shot out of the beacon and hit all the windows.  The end. -KC

by DH and WG

by DH and WG

Once there was a dragon and his name was Hot Lava Monster. He only had a small amount of treasure and this was the magicalest. When you touch it, it would shoot out lighting. – WG

by RR

by RR

Once upon a time there was a little girl and her mommy. The little girl’s name was Emma and the little girl’s mom’s name was Amy. They were walking on the path to their grandma’s house. They saw a big flag that was leading from their grandma’s house to their house. they were like, “Who did that?”. Then she remembered something she saw in the morning. She saw that her special bike was gone and she thought, maybe that leads to the person that stole my bike?! So she asked, ” Mama, can we follow it?” Her mom said, “Yes, of course! We can.” So they followed it and followed it and followed it and followed it and followed it and followed it. Finally they found where it was and it was in a garage and she said, “Mommy. can we go look into the garage?” The mom was so strong that even if it was locked, she could pick it up because she worked as a super hero! and her mom said, “Okay, I will do that.” And her mom lifted it up and she saw something moving… It was her dog, who was also missing! Her dog was riding on her bike. The dog said, “Lets all go home. I’ll bring the bike, too!” and they did. The end -RR

by AH

by AH

Once upon a time there was a castle and in the castle, there was a wolf, a baby wolf named Digger.  And the guard was an owl, a bear, a leopard and a moose. There was  a whole field of flowers inside the castle. There was a little pocket like a square with jewels on it. In the big field there was a a ton of bunny rabbits and skulls-bunny skulls, because the wolf eats the bunnies. Then there was a big, big trap the wolf set it. The animals walk on the step stones to get up and plunk into the hole. And in the hole grew a big tree and in the tree was lizards, snakes and even some kind of bees. Right by there were castles and castles of magic. The owl standing of the case pinched someone with his beak. Next to the caste, there was a big box, with hundreds and hundreds of bags of magic and jewels. There was a whole town around it. The wolf took the magic! But the magic was for the wolf and then fire came! and burned up the whole town. But it did not burn town the castle but then a big flash came- purple light! and it was the dragon and that smoke from the dragon. Differ saved everyone’s life. -AH


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