Smart From The Beginning

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by Alisha

Today, after an early lunch, we celebrated MSJ’s 5th birthday. MSJ’s parents,Kathy and Mike, and her Uncle Mo joined us for the celebration. We asked MSJ to set up her birthday candle ring and of course she took it as an opportunity to create her own birthday candle “ring” masterpiece. She then exclaimed “I’m not 5, actually I’m 3!”, creating a uproar of laughter, as she so often does.


MSJ is looked up to by her classmates for being so so so funny all the time! This was reflected in her classmates wishes to her. One friend wished her “a collection of her own jokes”. Another one wished her a big set of googly eyes to wear. Whatever it is that MSJ is doing, humor is involved in a big way. So of course, during the celebration, she found  clever way to wear her crown!



MSJ’s mom, told us a story about her birth. We were told that when MSJ was on her way out, she got stuck. Her face started turning blue but then all of the sudden she put her arm up and got unstuck all by herself, which MSJ’s sister says is proof that “she was smart from the beginning”. We got to see photographs of MSJ for her every trip around the sun. They were full of character, play and joyfulness.


While everyone sang happy birthday, MSJ sang “Happy Birthday to not 5”. When it was time to blow out the candles, she pretended she didn’t know how. She really, really knows how to make her friends laugh.



We finished off with MSJ’s final birthday dance at Tulip Tree.


In true MSJ fashion, we had a very fun and hilarious birthday circle and we wouldn’t have it any other way. Happy Birthday MSJ, we love you!!!



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