Sewing the Self

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By Katee



We have taken our sewing to new exciting heights in the past couple weeks with self-portrait projects! The children have been busy reflecting on themselves and looking at their reflections with two simultaneous self-portrait projects happening at our school.  Our sewing project allows the children to try to match their skin color to felt, their hair to yarn and ribbons, and their eyes to buttons and beads.  The children of course added many details that I hadn’t even thought of.

Many children pointed out that their skin was not exactly like this felt, and that their hair was only sort of similar to the yarns.  I am finding it to be a beautiful opposition to the self-portraits that they are working on with Alisha where they get to try to create their very own unique skin color.  “No one’s skin is

made out felt fabric, and no one’s eyes are made of buttons.”, I told them, “So you won’t find anything as unique and beautiful as you are at the craft store!”  I think it has been a great contrasting project to find out that there are so many more than 4 colors of skin, or 3 colors of eyes.  The shades and spectrum of people that we see everyday are beautiful and unique!

Come and see our self-portraits as they feel completed and hang on our walls!


4 Comments on “Sewing the Self”

  1. Despite the limits of felt colors, button colors and shapes, and yarn…the sewn portraits are incredibly detailed!

  2. Very cool. Kaia enjoyed trying to recognize all her friends in the felt persons picture 🙂

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