Rocket Design

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By Laura

For several weeks now, a large group of children have been playing rocket ship and space exploration. I have several large cardboard boxes in my garage that I have been saving for a dry, sunny week like this one. I am curious about how these materials will influence and expand their rocket play. Instead of simply bringing the boxes into The Commons, I decided to spend this morning doing some rocket plans and designs with a group of children who have been participating in this play.


I told them about the boxes and asked if they wanted to design how we could use them to make spaceships. They immediately got to work with joy, focus, and lots and lots of ideas.

I will be curious about how doing this preparation and design work beforehand will influence their ability to collaborate on one or two large-scale rockets tomorrow. Even though they were making individual drawings they were definitely inspired by each others ideas and common themes of seats, beds, radios, buttons, defense mechanisms, wheels, and means of propulsion were evident in their drawings. I’m looking forward to seeing how this 2-D design process will be translated into a 3-D construction tomorrow.

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