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By Laura


Laura: What do you know about ROBOTS?

CG: They can shoot lasers out of there eyes.

KC: And some robots, like Daliks, can shoot lasers out of their eyes. And some robots have one eye.

CG: Yeah.

KC: Some robots have several eyes, right?

Laura: What else do you know about robots? Are robots alive?

Everyone: Yeah! . . . Uh, no.

Laura: How do you know?

WG: Because they’re . . .

KC: They’re a computer.

WG: Yeah, they can be a computer.

OR: Also, they can have, actually, uh, in Star Wars, C3PO has no eyes.

Laura: Anything else you know about robots? Who makes robots?

KC: Humans. And robot builders.

OR: Why do we have these?

Laura: We have all these materials so you can design a robot.

Laura: What happens if a robot gets damaged?

KC: You have to build them all over again. And if they turn off, you need to program them again.

Laura: So, they can turn on and off? How do robots turn on and off?

KC: Sometimes it’s a switch. Or they just get shut down by a control . . .

WG: Or hot lava, it could throw into him.

Laura: That would turn off a robot?

CG: Well, some robots could handle that.

WG: It could burn the engine of a robot.

WG: Do you know what? I’ve seen this, well, this giant robot that destroys all cars and planes, everything that, well, moves. And I think it brings it to the dump. And it just turns on by itself and turns off by itself.

KC: Do you know what? If you have a bar magnet and someone else wants a piece of a bar magnet, you can just crack it in half, it still has the N pole or the S pole attached.

Laura: Inside your circle, this is your work space. You can design your robot using whatever materials you want. And you can draw a picture first to help you think or you can make first and then draw a picture.

OR: This is a one legged robot robot.

CG: Mine’s gonna have two legs.

OR: This part right here is the foot. I’m making the body now.

WG: Monsterarosus loves parties. He wants to go to a party every day.

OR: Here’s an eye. This one has one eye. Wait, this is a wheel, it has a wheel.

KC: Here’s some eyes. It has some blood on it.

Laura: Do robots have blood?

KC: Some do, some get all bloody. Some have robot gas pouring out.

Laura: Oh, it’s actually robot gas?


CG: Oh no, mine broke.

OR: Or you can just make a mess for a robot.

KC: So this little red thing, it’s a bow and arrow. It’s a bow. And it has a red arrow.

OR: I’m gonna make mine be stacked up.

KC: And I’m gonna design the next one…

WG: This is my robot. This guy LOVES parties. He’s Party-arosus. He loves parties.

Laura: What does he love about parties?

WG: That they have presents. And he gets to go trick or treating.

CG: How do he get to?

WG: He just needs two, three buttons on him. They make him move. Move his arms. Move his feet. Move his camera. And move his head. Those are the buttons.

OR: That means there’s four buttons.

CG: These are the buttons on this guy.

Laura: What do your buttons do?

CG: I don’t know yet.

OR: One time I was using a green ring to make the light inside my brain. And their was light bulb to light up a part.

Laura: Do robots have brains?

Everyone: No.

KC: So I’m making a little idea in the robot. What the robot is planning.

Laura: The robot can plan?

CG: Maybe one is planning to fight?

KC: My robot is planning to make other robots.

OR: Is that another robot?

KC: Yep, with wood. Which is a popsicle robot.

WG: A popsicle robot?

KC: So it’s a robot with a head and two bright eyes, out of popsicle sticks.

WG: What about a body that’s a popsicle stick?

KC: That’s what it is. This is how I made it.


WG: And Partyarosus, he has wheels for wings.

CG: How do you know?

WG: Because I made him like that.

OR: I’m gonna make a flying robot.

WG: And that’s his hair. His hair’s really long. It grows out of his party hat–isn’t that funny?

KC: We’re making all sorts of robots, right?

CG: Well, you are.

WG: And on his party hat he has cameras to take pictures of the things in the presents on his party hat. He’s a really funny robot. And he’s controlled by Minnie Mouse.

CG: Minnie Mouse? You mean, Mickey Mouse?

WG: Oh yeah, Mickey Mouse. But Minnie Mouse is funnier than Mickey Mouse. They’re both controlling it.

KC: Look it! There’s three popsicles sticks stuck into that robot.

WG: Is that the belly. Is it?

OR: Here’s the flying robot. This is the flying robot right here.

Laura: How do robots show their love?

WG: I don’t know.

CG: I don’t know.

Laura: Think about it.

KC: They don’t fight!

CG: No, they don’t fight.

WG: Do you know what? Those are confetti guns on his button control. Did you know that?


CG: These two guys have guns that can shoot everything out of them.

OR: This is a flying robot.

KC: Wow. Mine is gonna be a red tie robot.

OR: This is the red flying robot with white eyes. This robot has white eyes.

KC: I’m making a not-flying robot.

WG: He’s spraying confetti right here, he’s at a party.

OR: And he’s throwing confetti?

WG: Because he’s so happy he can go trick or treating. And he can eat every candy in one day without even getting sick.

Laura: How does your robot show love?

WG: He just, well, um… hugs people without asking and then walks away. That’s how he shows his love. He is really funny.

CG: We are the robots.

Laura: How does your green one show love?

CG: By parties.

WG: Just like Partyarosus!!

Laura: How about the blue one? Does the blue one like parties or does he like smaller groups?

CG: The blue one likes smaller groups.

KC: This one has four eyes. A four-eyed robot.

Laura: Does each eye see the same thing?

KC: They can see all different things at the same time.

WG: Partyarosus has three eyes on his party hat. And not some on his face. And the nose is on the party hat. The only thing that is on the face is the mouth.

KC: And his nose?

WG: No, it’s on the party hat.

KC: Right up there?

CG: This guy’s so happy he’s shooting confetti.

WG: Just like him! He likes small groups and big groups just like your robots. Your robots are just like Partyarosus!

CG: These confettis explode into fire works. Loud ones.

Laura to KC: Is this part of the robots up there?

KC: No, that’s just, they’re both thinking about making another robot.

Laura: Oh, that’s what they are both thinking about.

WG: And he’s thinking maybe he could make some more parties for the other persons with confetti falling from his cannons. So he needs one…

Laura: This is his thought bubble?

WG: Yeah. . . . And do you know what? You need to press his face to make the confetti go into the air. BEEP. It’s going into the air.

CG: This is all the confetti. It explodes into fire works.

WG: Confetti fell right on the camera. BEEP. Confetti is everywhere.

Laura: OR? How does your robot show love?

OR: Mine. Uh. Kissing? . . . They kiss with their legs.

WG: He’s one hundred tons tall.

OR: Do you know how big mine is? Do you know how heavy mine is? Mine is as heavy as one elephant. It’s that heavy, because it has a lot of stuff in it. This is a suitcase robot with one eye.


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