Rainbows and Sparkles

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by Alisha

Today we celebrated EH’s 5th birthday.









It was clear from the birthday wishes from her classmates that we know one thing for sure about EH: She loves rainbows, sparkles, little animals and all things fantastical.EH, in her short time here has made that known about herself. She is often a “queen” in the jump up song and she has lead fairy house making on more than one occasion.


This morning EH’s mama joined us and told us the story of her birth. Her mom and dad went the hospital at midnight the night before EH was born and her older sister, who was 2 at the time, stayed home with grandpa. It was the first time either mama or EH was away from her. In the morning EH’s mama felt like her body was ready for the EH to come and almost immediately she had was holding her in her arms. They think that she came out so quickly because she was wondering where her sister was! Then we got to see baby photographs of EH and her new special ballerina music box.











IMG_0153Sadly, next week will be EH’s last week at Tulip Tree. We are excited she got to share her birthday with us before she leaves. We will never forget her inspiring artwork, her persistent rope swinging, her magical imagination or her sweetness. We will be having a goodbye party for her next Friday just before 1:00.

We wish her rainbows, sparkles and magic in her future journeys. We love you and will miss you bunches EH!



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