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by Alisha

I have very fond memories of making potions as a child. I would pick wildflowers and roses, crush them up, add a bit of hose water and beg my mom for her old perfume bottles. My best friend and I carefully bottled it up. It smelled like roses, with a hint of my mom’s perfume. We thought we had created the most special and magical potion of all time. My friend and I plotted¬†how we could sell it and make money to buy more perfume bottles.

It seems to be such a common childhood experience… To gather, to mix, to contain. What is it that makes creating potions so wonderful? Is it the rich sensory process of gathering, crushing and mixing? Is it the dramatic play aspect of it? Is it the magical nature of it all- the idea that you hold magic power?

We have been exploring some of these questions with the children this week. They work on these potions with concentration and joy. Some children made healing potions, some made evil poison potions and some made magical potions that turn people into other things.

Through this work, we also want to explore plants and herbs that really do have healing properties and what we can do to harness their powers. If you have any special plants or herbs at home that have healing properties, we would love to use some to make potions in our classroom- real magic potions!



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