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By Katee

We take so many photos here at school.  Some photos you might find on the blog, some on our classroom walls, in our special handmade books, or even in your child’s web album as it develops.  I find that even after all this I still want to share more photos with you!  So, I’m happy to introduce our new Instagram account-

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If you have an Instagram account, find this name and image and ‘follow’ us to keep up with some of the beautiful things happening here everyday.  If you don’t have an Instagram account yet, maybe this will be your reason to get one!

This is a public account so that we can connect with other schools and studios around the globe to help spread inspiration.  This also means that we won’t be posting images of your children’s sweet faces- we will save that for all the other media platforms we have.

To entice you further, here are some of the images we’ve already posted! :



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