One of Our Youngest Turns Three!

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by Sarah Lu

As one of the youngest and newest members of our community, Clementine’s presence is growing here at Tulip Tree.  This morning we celebrated her third birthday, which will take place on December 22, during our break.  Clementine is a solid member of our community, and will often be seen playing with kids who have been here for two or three years.


Clementine contemplated her birthday ring after we set it up.  She was obviously anticipating the moment when she got to walk around the ring for each year of her life, but first we heard about her birth.  Clementine’s mama Emilia is a home birth midwife in training, so Clem knows a lot about birth and babies growing.  She remembered to her mama aloud that “Papa was helping you grow me.”  And now, Clementine (or rather her mama Emilia) is expecting a new baby!  Congratulations to her family.


Clementine’s wish for herself, was “I love me.”  I thought this was super awesome, and I am so glad that our little ones have love for themselves, and that Clementine has the self-assurance to know and love herself as a person.  As Laura read Clementine’s wishes, there was a funny little giggle for each wish.  They got increasingly bigger as the wishes went along.  I love how much you can see the likeness between Emilia and Clementine in these two pictures.  Beautiful ladies!



Clementine brought a very special someone to share today, her dog Baker.


Clem brought treats for all the children to give to Baker, and he was such a gentle guy as he gratefully accepted all of the love.  He probably really wants to come back!  And she told us a story about Baker.  “Once I was holding his leash and he just pulled me and I fell and I got a huge owie.  Clementine is really into owies and healing.  In fact, knowing this about Clementine,  Leila Ruthe wished her a box of band aids for her birthday.


Clementine had a great time making her banana muffins, and relished in the fact that because it was her birthday she got to go first.  Again, this rite of passage has given more visibility to each of our friends, and today was no exception.

IMG_2673 IMG_2675

Clementine, Emilia and Oliver, thank you so much for joining our community.  We are so glad that you are here, and we have loved getting to know Clementine.  She is an affectionate, vibrant member of our group and we will be so intrigued to see how she grows in the coming years.

Happy Third Birthday Clementine!



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  1. What an honor for Clementine and us too! Thank you for this birthday ritual, for allowing us to be there, and for documenting it here! We’re so glad to be part of the Tulip Tree community.

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