Once upon a time

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By Laura

We have been witnessing a bit of a story renaissance at Tulip Tree these past couple of weeks. Not only are more children opting to tell stories more frequently. Their stories are becoming increasingly complex–including dialogue, multiple characters, songs, and action packed plots. It is truly amazing to look back at the stories that were first told when the children began preschool and those that are told now. They are also doing some planning with their stories; like any accomplished playwright they are often considering which friends will play which characters and talking about how the audience might respond to different (often silly) parts. They are also listening to each others’ stories with curiosity and joy, taking the best parts they hear and weaving them into their own tales.  Here is a sampling from the past few days:


Once upon a time there was a little goat named Goat. She went on a walk and he found a playground. He played on the playground. He fell off of a swing. A high swing. Then he got a boo-boo. And then the boo-boo blooded. And then Mama goat took baby goat to the hospital. And his leg was broken and he had to rest all day. And when it got better his leg wasn’t broken anymore. Because it was not hurting anymore. And then Mama goat took Baby Goat to the playground again. And then Mama Goat played on the playground. And then Mama Goat just got a boo-boo. And then Baby Goat had to take Mama Goat to the hospital, too. And then she had to go lay in bed all day. And she got a boo-boo. And when it was all better it wasn’t hurting anymore. And then they goed back home. They goed back to the playground. And they played on the playground. And then they both falled. They get a bandaid. And that is the end.


My story is about books. Get to go to my house, ride my bike, I fall down. I’m going really fast. Fell down the grass. I got back on going really FAST! Fall down and go. Happened about stories. Then I fell down and got up. The end of the story is, Caleb said, “You must go to Africa.”

“You must go to Africa, because that’s the only jail house there is. Go to jail right now.” Now he gets out of jail and the police tell him he has to live outside. Then he didn’t live outside, he went in the house so he had to go in the garbage. So, the garbage truck came and took him to the dump and then it was locked up with metal bars. And then the garbage truck’s dumper went up super high where the opening was and then it fell into the dump. And then it went away from the dump to the garbage truck site to go to sleep. And then he jumped out of the dump and the other guy with the key got a big needle and poked him and he cried. And then he poked him on his throat and he swallowed the pokey like a toothpick. And that’s all.


Once upon a time there was a little boy. And that little boy took Karate class. One day a dragon moved into town. It was a mean dragon. The boy saw the dragon and knew how to defeat him. He used his Karate moves. The people said, “Hooray!” to that little boy. The end.




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