Once upon a time…

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by Alisha

This morning we told lots of stories and acted them out before lunch time.


Daddy goes to daddy’s gym. Daddy goes home. Daddy goes to the store and home. JSL and HSL and Daddy. The end -JSL

DSC_0177DH played the role of JSL. HSL played himself and MF played daddy.





Once upon a time, there was a beautiful ice castle where the queen and her little sister lived. And there names were Anna and Elsa. One day they heard a “BOOM…BOOM… BOOM!” They looked out the castle window and saw a scary monster. And he said, “Those look like yummy delicious food.”  And they said, “Who are you?” Marshmellow the ice monster?” And he said, “Oh yeah, that’s who I am. They said, “W’ell shut the window on you.” He said, “Well I can step over the castle and eat you up, yummies.” But Anna was so scared and frightened about their bunny named Sophie. they wanted her to be safe. But Anna was so frightened so she curled up to her big sister and said, “What shall we do?” Elsa said, “Don’t worry, I can freeze him and double freeze him! So Elsa double freezed him and they lived happily ever after. The End -RR

DSC_0168RR as Elsa, DH as Anna and AW as the ice monster










Once upon a time there was a WG, DH, OR, OH and RR and they were walking through the forest. And they found a bear and the bear chased them to their house andthen  a ghost went into the classroom and freezed everyone. The End -DH

DSC_0172A big group performance. WG didn’t want to act today, so JSL played his part.




Once upon a time there was princess unicorn and she had a crown and then she sings a song. -KM





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