Okay To Love and Be Loved

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by Sarah Lu

There have been seventy-four (74) School Shootings since Sandy Hook.


Boys cry.  Boys get hurt.  Boys are tender.  Boys are people. Boys are our babies. Our brothers. Our daddies, our grampies. Our teachers, our friends. Our uncles and our neighbors.

My boy lately has been wanting to snuggle up and be a baby, perhaps because he is feeling a bit like a kid all of a sudden.

Boys in our classroom wear dresses. They dance. They sing. They build. they tell stories. They wear their hair in pony tails. They draw and write and play princesses.

Boys are people. Boys are different than girls. Boys hurt people, just like girls. Boys get hurt, just like girls. People are different from each other.


“Boys will be boys.”

“Boys don’t wear dresses.”

“Boys don’t play with babies.”

“Boys have penises.”


Last year, after a school shooting I wrote the following:

With all of the mental illness in our society, we need to put more emphasis on social/emotional growth and learning.  It is not enough to teach writing, reading, math and science, without a strong emphasis on trust, love and relationship.  Isolation is no joke.  It hits people’s cores and helps them justify behavior that is appalling.  Social/emotional learning is at the heart of a better world.  We cannot justify a school system that turns the other cheek on cruelty and unkindness.  And anti-bullying curriculum is not the answer.  Children must be taught from a young age, and continuously, how to love one another, trust one another, and stand up for one another.  How to be honest and strong in the face of conflict.  And how to see their own strengths and weaknesses.  Without this we have a system that is failing at creating human beings who care for one another.



What does it mean to be a boy?


How do boys care for each other?



How can we teach our boys to honor their emotions?

DSC_0037And those of others?

DSC_0055How can we show them that it is okay to keep being a baby?

DSC_0032Okay to be tough… and sweet.

Drum kit.

Okay to rock out. Okay to freak out.


Okay to love, and be loved.



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