October Birthdays

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by Alisha

KM on her 3rd Birthday celebration

KM on her 3rd Birthday celebration

Today we celebrated our second and last birthday for the month of October. KM’s parents, Peter and Melissa, joined us for the celebration. KM arrived at Tulip Tree when she was just two years old. We have now spent 3 birthdays with her! KM’s parents told us that she was born in the middle of the night at their old house. They moved everything out of their dining room to have enough space for KM to come. She came out very strong. Right after she came out, she grabbed onto the clamps that held her umbilical chord and did not want to let go! It has been such a pleasure to be KM’s teacher for all this time! She brings so much joy into everything we do here. She has always been so willing to try new things and to help others try new things. We love you so much KM! Happy 5th Birthday!


We also celebrated EP’s birthday earlier this month. EP’s mom, Kate, joined us for his birthday celebration. EP is one of the first group of children to move from the Elm house to Tulip Tree. It has been so sweet to be able to make connections from his days at Elm house, as well as talk with his old teachers. EP is also one of two children who come each day of the week, so we have all grown to know EP very quickly. He is such a sweet and caring child. He’s always trying to find ways to care for and help other classmates. He is such a wonderful part of our community! We love you EP! Happy 3rd Birthday!1-2016-10-051



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