Now Shanti is Three

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By Laura

Today, Haio and Bernadette joined us for Shanti’s birthday celebration.We learned that Shanti loved to bounce up and down on a ball as a baby. In fact, the very first time she laughed she was bouncing. When Shanti was one year old, she would wander over to the ice cream vendor at the park and stand in line–all on her own. Now that she is three, she loves riding her blue balance bike. Many children could connect with her love of bicycles and ice cream. We followed up the circle time with a rowdy dance party and ate popcorn together at lunch for her birthday treat. Shanti is the youngest (and often wisest) member of our classroom community–we loved celebrating with her and her family today.

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  1. We had a wonderful time joining in with the friends for Shanti’s birthday. Thank you so much to the teachers and friends for making her feel so special. We’ve already re-read her card 2x before going to naps today. She just loves it.

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