“No. I’m the drummer.”

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By Laura

2013-12-17When we first visited the home of SS before this school year started, he gave us an elaborate tour of all the items in his house. There were some hats hanging up and he told us, “That’s my dad’s hat, that’s my worker hat, that’s my party hat…” He is very attuned to attire, frequently showing you his entire outfit when he arrives each morning. Today he proudly donned his birthday crown, saying to his mom, Carolyn, “It has a three on the front.”



Carolyn told us the birth story of SS. First he tried to come out on Christmas Eve, but he didn’t come. Then he tried to come out on Christmas, but he didn’t come. Finally on the 26th of December they went into the birth center in the morning. Right after they arrived it got really stormy outside. There was wind and “rain, rain, rain all day long.” There was even a little thunder. At seven that evening SS finally was born and very shortly thereafter the rain stopped.

DSC_0021SS brought in his baby doll, Suzy, to share with his friends. Carolyn told us that Suzy used to be her doll when she was a little girl and that she had slept with her every night. SS enjoyed hearing his friends’ birthday wishes, Sarah Lu read her wish for him which involved an animal band where he is the lead singer and guitarist. At which point he let her know, “No. I’m the drummer,” while pantomiming playing the drums with his arms. Even in this imaginary band he knows his role.

DSC_0036Cheek to cheek, SS and his mama blew out his birthday candles and we all got ready to boogie down. At one point nearly the whole group formed a big dancing circle.

DSC_0042Then a group of us worked together to make blueberry muffins for a birthday treat. At one point, while stirring the batter, his face covered in flour dust, SS told us about his “big muscles.”

DSC_0047We can’t wait to see what’s in store for this big-muscled, baby-doll-holding, air-drumming, mama-loving, motorcycle-riding, fashion guru/superhero. What a joy it has been to get to know him and his sweet family this year.

Have a super birthday SS, we love you!



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