Nicks First Visit

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by Alisha

Today during circle Laura introduced Nick. For some children this was the first time meeting him. Nick is a persona doll, who is a part of our community. If you would like to know more about his role in our classroom you can read Laura’s blog hereDSC_0035-002

Today Laura told the group that Nick is 4 years old, which many people connected with. He loves to run around and play hide and seek at his mother’s work at the library. Laura told us that Nick lives with his mother during the school days and his father on the weekends. His sister goes with him between their two houses. CPR asked, “How old is she (the sister)?” We found out that she is 7 and her name is April. Many children made the connection sign to connect with nick about having an older sibling.

SD: My sister likes to play hide and seek!

CTG: Mine goes to music class.

CW: Mine lies to read books on the couch in the morning and play hide and seek.

KM: My sister and I like to play games where I’m the fish and she fishes me out.

AG: my daddy is 6 and my mommy is 9

CPR: 6 and 9??

AG: Yep.

Laura: Maybe 26 and 29?

AG: YepDSC_0033-001

Clearly the children are making connections with Nick, and will continue to throughout the year. At the end of circle Laura told the group, “Nick might come to our circle with some problems from his school that he needs help solving . Do you think we could help Nick solve problems??”


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