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by Sarah Lu


We love to stomp and get stuck.

We love for people to help us out.

We love to get all dirty.

We love to shovel it and move to other places.

It’s all mushy and pooping cookie.

And it has worm poop in it.


These are the children’s words when I asked them today why they loved playing in the mud so much.


As their boots got (really) stuck over and over again, their faces grew brighter and brighter.  They talk a lot these days about making concrete…


I am thinking they are processing the work we will do on our cob Elephant Wall when the Village Building Convergence rolls around.  Today they confirmed this by telling me that they were Imps making cob.


It is continuously amazing to me, the ways that children’s minds work.  It is a testament to the fact that children are chomping at the bit to learn, and that it is not our job to fill them up with information, but to get out of the way so that they can explore, providing guidance and love and some tidbits of information on the way.  What else are they doing here, other than making the connection between what they know about concrete and their anticipation about cob?  Or exploring what it will feel like to finally get into this new medium that we are about to begin to explore…

Check out this blog about mud play.  Pretty interesting.

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