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By Laura

From 8:30 to 9:30 is often my favorite part of the preschool day, especially on Mondays, because everyone enters the space with news about what they did over the weekend. I love having a chance to chat and connect with individual children and to give them space and time to select how they are going to start their day at school. Many preschoolers chose to go outside with Cheryl upon arrival, however a few stayed in to paint and build with me.

Last week a small group of preschoolers and I mixed up some new paint colors–red and blue and white was the most popular color combination. These lavenders, violets and purples provided the perfect pallet for the irises that just bloomed in the yard.

Caleb adds purple petals to his green stem.

Jaco consults the bouquet before continuing.

Linny adds the finishing touches.

Meanwhile, in the play room, Seamus had decided to build a tower as tall as himself. “That will be a skyscraper!” declared Jaco. Seamus worked diligently and would stand up and check his progress from time to time. Until he noted, “Now I have to stand up in order to reach the top of it.” I also noticed how the curve of his building mimicked the curve of a human spine. Of course, the joy of building a structure so tall is doubled when you then get to knock it down.

Checking his progress.

“It’s as tall as me!”

The aftermath.

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