Mapping Our Transitions

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By Laura1-DSC_0098

This morning at circle we continued a conversation that we began on Friday (Our Changing Community -there was an error with the server when I tried to publish this blog on Friday, so I just updated it today). We talked about where each member of our community will be in the fall. This time I passed out the blocks with photos on them so each child had a chance to physically place themselves on the “map”. 2-DSC_01003-DSC_0101

Then once again I mapped out where each teacher would be. Those preschoolers who are returning to Tulip Tree had a chance to see that Alisha, Amber and Sarah Lu would all be there in the fall. And to see that both Becky and I are moving on and would not be there.4-DSC_0110

Once again we practiced calling up our friends and teachers on the phone and setting up a time to play or meet up.


Following the circle, some children chose to stay inside and make cards for friends and teachers. We left the map on the floor so kids could refer to it and think about who might like a goodbye card. They got to work right away, asking how to spell a friend’s name and words like: to, from, love, etc.


The cards were heartfelt and full of love…


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