Los Angeles Bound

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By Laura

Once upon a time there was a young girl named AG. On her very first day of school at Tulip Tree her dad read her a book before he said goodbye.

Abby with her dad and Layla on the first day of school.On her very last day of preschool at Tulip Tree, her dad and mom read her a book before they said goodbye.

DSC_0017You may not recognize her in this second picture, she’s nine months older and she left braids in her hair for two nights, making it super curly this morning. On her first day she also did some dancing and made a new friend, SF.

DSC_0259And on her last day at Tulip Tree she did some dancing with a new friend, OW.

DSC_0020AG loves to play pretend, to swing, to climb, to build and to tell stories. She is a prolific painter, and made mail for her friends and family nearly every day.


Her classmates took turns giving her hugs and messages during her last morning circle today. Her good friend, LG told her, “I love you.” And another friend, EH thanked her from coming to school. We asked about her move, and AG explained, “I’m going to move to Eagle Rock (near LA). I don’t know a lot about my school yet. I know it has a lunch room there. You can just get food right there.”

AG loves to explain the way things work, the steps involved in a process and details of her day. She reminded everyone that she will be a part of our graduation/moving on ceremony on Friday.

Oh, AG, you and your family will be missed dearly in this community. Thank you for being your:


thoughtful                               sweet                                           confident

and creative self. We wish you all the best of luck in your journey south. We love you and we hold you in our hearts.


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