“Little head of orangey, yellow fuzz.”

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By Laura

Today Becky came in to work a little early so she could join us for OR’s fifth birthday celebration.


Becky told us that on the day OR was born it was a sunny, cold and very windy day.  She went out to lunch with her older children and her mom. When they were headed home she told her mom she needed to take a nap, so the twins went home with their Mimi. Once at her own home she realized that OR was letting her know he was ready to come out, she hurried with Chris to the birth center and OR was born by dinnertime! OR added, “I was born at this green house.” According to Becky, as a baby OR “started smiling really early and often.” And he was also born with “a little head of orangey, yellow fuzz.”


OR passed a little black bear cub stuffed animal around the circle. He told us her name was Rosie. “My Nana gave her to me. And I kept her for a long time.” Then he perched her on top of his head, nestled in his birthday crown.

DSC_0111 DSC_0116While putting together his birthday ring, OR carefully arranged the candles, “I do it from biggest to smallest,” he explained. 


Joyful, friendly, and imaginative OR is almost always ready to play. He especially loves to dress up and take on the movements of unicorns, alicorns, fruit bats, reindeer, dinosaurs, and dragons. This year he has taken the animal play to the next level by designing his own costumes–cutting out raccoon masks or seal flippers to fit the game. He even adapts his outwear into animal accessories.

DSC_0127Once in character he loves to add details about animal habits, family relationships or new plot lines to build dramatic suspense.

Curious about the world, he delightfully soaks in all the information around him and expresses his many thoughts and ideas through his play, his friendships, his artwork, his storytelling and his singing.

Happy Birthday Five Year Old! It’s hard to believe that little smiling baby who used to accompany his older siblings to preschool is going to be in kindergarten soon.

We love you so much! And we wish you and everyone a wonderful, warm and relaxing winter break.


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