Like a Rocket

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By Laura

DSC_0007Mika, Mark and Sen joined us to celebrate EH’s fifth birthday today. EH shared several photos of herself including one in which she was first born and excitedly told us her birth story, “I shot out like a rocket from my mom’s yoni.” When Sarah Lu asked if EH remembered being born, she replied, “Of course!” And I believe her.


Friend after friend wished EH play dates. EH plays hard. She plays with gusto. She brings ideas, costumes, props and purpose to small group dramatic play. Her sentences begin with, “How about . . .” or “What if we . . .” or “I know, why don’t we . . .” She invents elaborate story lines and these games sustain her for long periods of time. (This might have something to do with her playful parents…) When asked if she had a birthday wish for herself, she said, “Of course! . . . I want to find crystals.” And I am sure she will.


Spunky, intelligent, and brave, EH has made Tulip Tree a second home for the last DSC_0003-037three years and tomorrow she graduates. Her first year she was often the only child who stayed for the afternoon–and spent most of that time sound asleep in her blanket nest. I was reminded of her DSC_0022-016two-year-old self this morning when I joined in a game of “babies.” I became the mom to a mewling crowd of six girl babies and tried to sing them all to sleep. EH was flanked on either side by a dear friend from that first year.


We have all been doing a lot of thinking about what is in store for these children in the next stage of their journey. I have a hunch that EH will pull together a cozy nest of blankets and friends, costumes and crystals, awe and acrobatics.  And I know that, just as she did as a two-year-old, five-year-old EH will play her way quickly and directly into the heart of her next classroom community.

Happy birthday EH, we love you so much!!!!



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