Lights, Camera, Action!

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by Alisha

Today some of the children acted out stories that they told during explore time.

Lights… Camera… Action!


One mouse hopped into the bath and she put toys in it. Those are pretend toys. She put a little cream in and her nose was sick. She played in the sand and made pizza.


Our captivated audience

Our captivated audience

Once a birdy had no mom and dad and he was really sad and his sister was sad. Mom and Dad came and give him a hug and a kiss. The End. They had popcorn at home. When mom popped the popcorn they watched then they pushed the chairs back over. When they had some they went, “mmmm.”



Once ther was a little girl named OW, that liked the play with ME. And when she wanted to go to the park, her friend ME would like to come with her every single time. The End.





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