Heart Turns Five!

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by Alisha

This morning we were joined by Amy and Chris to celebrate the 5th birthday of their son, LDB! We got to meet Puppy Kitty, LDB’s best stuffy since he was a baby. He said, ” I like to cuddle with him, be with him and sleep with him.” 4-DSC_0012LBD told us a little about his birth. He told us that he was born on the couch in his living room. The same living room we visited at the beginning of the year! Amy said that the midwife told them when she thought LDB would be born, but he took much longer to come out. They waited five days and five days more. Every night they would say, “I wonder if LDB will come?… nope, not tonight.” One night 2-DSC_0018as the family was watching a movie, Leo started dancing around inside his mom to the music. He kept dancing and dancing until Amy’s water broke. They had a pool in LDB’s room, and all worked together to help LDB finally be born. His older sister said, “Let’s call the baby heart!” But they went with Leo, which was his grandfathers name. 

Leo went on to do what Laura called, “The most enthusiastic trips around the sun that I have ever seen in six years.”1-2016-05-23


LDB, we can see exactly why your sister wanted your name to be Heart! Sweet, loyal, hilarious and thoughtful, you have captured our hearts. LDB, we love you and will miss you dearly as you move on to kindergarten. Happy 5th Birthday!3-DSC_0032

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