Harvesting Seeds

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By Amber

We have been feeling in the spooky mood here at TT. (Or “smoooooky” as CL says)

On Friday I pulled down some of our spookiest Halloween stories to tell the children. We huddled together in the dark with only a night light and I read them some cute and spooky tales.

Fear is a very powerful emotion and there is something SO fun about taking control of it and choosing to feel a little bit scared.

Some children lean into the fear and want to amp it up which results in shrieking giggles! During one story STa said in a whisper “I think there is a spooky monster in that closet right now!” Everyone looked over their shoulders giggling and snuggling closer together around the night light.

Others are a little more eager to stay with one foot in reality and do a lot of reasoning and rationalizing. STr looked at a page with a large mouthed goblin and said “That’s just for pretend, right Teacher Amber?”

We all agreed that it was just make believe and there were not actually spooky goblins but sometimes its fun to pretend!

But fall is not just about spooky stories and make believe. It’s also about harvesting food, remembering loved ones and being thankful.

Yesterday afternoon the children and I sat to look at a sunflower head that MH and I had harvested a couple weeks earlier. He noticed the bright yellow petals had fallen off and the flower’s drooping head had dried up. We looked at all the seeds nestled together and pulled a couple out. We ate a few but they were a little bit wet and didn’t taste like much.

At circle we talked about the life cycle of a sunflower and how the flower grows from a seed, to a sprout, to a flower that makes more seeds! We spent the afternoon harvesting the seeds from the dry sunflower heads. We decided to save some to plant in our garden next year and save the rest to eat!

We can learn a lot from plants. Talking about the natural cycle of life is an important part of growing up. We can think of these little seeds as the flower’s legacy. We planted each one of those and watched them grow into towering flowers. We watched the honey bees wiggle and dance through their pollen dusted faces and we watched them dry, droop and die.

Even though the flowers have completed their life cycle in the garden, we have harvested the seeds and can start a new generation of flowers for next year’s children. We can nourish our bodies with the seeds and remember how tall the flowers grew and the beauty they brought to our school.

I wonder what memories and mementos we will leave behind. I hope we can all leave such a legacy as the tall sunflower.

2 Comments on “Harvesting Seeds”

  1. Great work, Amber! I feel so lucky that I happened to show up when you were dong your circle on wondering if objects from around the school were alive, dead or non-living. It’s not always clear cut. The children were riveted and so was I!

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