Haddie Turns Four at Tabor

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By Laura

Today, Haddie’s mom Stevie and her grandpa Steve joined us for Haddie’s birthday celebration. This was our first outdoor birthday circle–we gathered around a picnic table near the playground on Mt. Tabor. Stevie shared with us the story of climbing the stairs on Mt. Tabor when she was super pregnant, encouraging Haddie to be born with each step. And it worked, her water broke shortly thereafter and they rushed to the hospital.

We also learned that Haddie has loved dress-up and dancing for most of her young life.

The wind was blowing but we managed to keep the candles lit for Haddie to make a wish and blow them out. And everyone enjoyed the birthday snack that we packed along with us–popcorn and oranges.

Happy birthday Haddie! We love you.

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