Graduation Preparations

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by Cheryl


Today children added more to our volcano which will be featured during Friday’s graduation ceremony.  At our lunch circle, we practiced a familiar song “We Wish You Well” which we will sing Friday to those who are moving on.

In addition a group of children accompanied me to say good-bye (or in Jaco’s case “hello”) to Lou Lou the bunny, giving her many, many dandelion leaves.

The children are finding it interesting that while I am moving “out”, Laura is moving “in” 🙂  They were very understanding about the chaos that is found in a home that is in transition:)

Over the year, Lou Lou has made several appearances to the preschool or has been visited by small groups of children.  Without exception, these children have been loving, gentle and nurturing toward this sweet bunny.  She will miss them very much!!







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