Glowing Rain With Sparkles

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By Laura


“I won’t sit on all this fancy furniture, just in case my water breaks,” joked Stevie one sunny day in early May when she was very pregnant with HP and out shopping for one last item for the nursery. Sure enough, as Stevie walked out to the parking lot, splash! HP announced her eminent arrival right on cue.


Today we joyfully celebrated HP in a combination 5th birthday/good luck in your next endeavors party. It was her last day at Tulip Tree and in a couple very short weeks her family will fly to their new home in Texas, where her dad, Adam, will begin his residency program. Although HP has been anticipating this move for a long time, it sure felt like it snuck up on us today, as everyone tried to squeeze in just a few more laughs, hugs and snuggles before saying goodbye. This morning before she arrived PR worked on a heart-shaped card for her, “This is Haddie at Texas.”DSC_0004

After morning play time we asked HP to set up her birthday candle ring. HP  invited all the preschoolers to join her in this task. She also made the plan that everyone would help her blow out her candles, too. HP likes to be a part of a whole crowd. She loves to include everyone in her games.


The Commons will no doubt feel a little quieter without her friendly cheers of, “Hey guys! Do you want to all play hide and seek?!” or “Everyone!!! We’re building a house!” This warmth, enthusiasm and inclusiveness have helped HP form strong, affectionate bonds with her peers. When brainstorming for her birthday wishes we asked, “What do you know about HP?” DSC_0048Over and over came the response, “I know that she loves me.” or “She likes to play with me.” WK’s birthday wish for her was that she “Take the whole school to Texas.” Without missing a beat she responded, “Everybody! Get on the airplane!” Even while walking around the sun–the opportunity many children treasure because you get to be alone in the spotlight–she requested that her good friend LG walk with her.DSC_0037 And looking around at her other classmates she said, “And I’ll pick one more . . .” It really is unbearable for her to leave anyone out, even for a moment.

HP was thrilled to be joined by Stevie, her sister Avery and her grandparents for the celebration today. DSC_0041

DSC_0030She chose to bring in a box of paper straws and a container of cupcake liners to show to her friends. However she was even more excited to give each of them a party hat and paper blower. This added a festive splash of color and style to our Happy Birthday dance. And, as is her tradition, HP did the splits at the end of the song.


HP, may your birthday wish for “glowing rain with sparkles” come true; especially down there in the hot climate of Texas. May you continue to dream big, love up a storm and encourage the masses to join you in play.  The people of San Antonio have no idea how lucky they are to be receiving you and your delightful family. It was with a heavy heart that I watched you drive away today, waving out the back window. In true HP style, as you waved goodbye to Tulip Tree you also offered your friends a bite of the snack you had found in your car seat.




DSC_0022  We love you! We will miss you!

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