Giving Back to the Tree

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By Laura

Today at Morning Meeting Cheryl read The Giving Tree. Then she held an appointment at the park for six preschoolers: Graham, Perry, Linny, Anna, Evan and Lila. Claire (Graham’s mom) volunteered to help document their work by taking photos. Cheryl presented to the group a photo provocation–a picture of a tree trunk covered in colorful string that she had encountered in her old neighborhood. The group decided to try to give a present to a familiar tree in the park in this same way. They chose a tree with three main trunks and got to work. While they worked they discussed their ideas about how other park visitors might respond to their gift. After wrapping the tree trunks, they experimented with the yarn in other ways. Next Wednesday the whole class will head to the park, we will bring along more yarn and ribbon and see if the work this group did today has changed in any way.


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  1. It’s too bad Tycho didn’t join the group for The Giving Tree project…the first time I read that book to him it affected him so visibly, I was very moved.

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