Family Presence

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By Laura

Every morning when Abby’s dad drops her off at school they choose one book to read together. This is part of their goodbye ritual that helps Abby transition into her school day. Matt is an animated reader and this daily interaction often draws a crowd of eager listeners.

Also, this morning, we began to put up the “All-About-Me” posters that parents lovingly made during our last Parent Night or at home. The preschoolers immediately noticed these bright, beautiful additions to our play room and spent a long time checking them out. Commenting on pictures of themselves and their friends. Noticing details and telling stories. We look forward to seeing the other ones as they are completed.

“Come look at mine!” -Atticus

“I’m on the train.” -Atticus

Every day, in small and large ways, parents and other loved ones make contributions and build connections in our preschool community. On the wall across from the posters are the dress-up capes, headbands and wings that many parents helped craft our first fall. Outside, the name blocks that families decorated last year have become an integral part of play in The Commons. The Commons itself, used to be an overgrown empty lot. It has been transformed by the hard work, sweat, talent and gifts of our community.

We, as teachers, could not do this job without you. Thank you for spending the extra moments in the morning helping your child feel settled and ready for the day (I know that this process often begins the night before). Thank you for the emails, meetings, conferences. Thank you for chaperoning field trips. Thank you for  helping us cook, clean, document, rake, type stories, tag photos, celebrate, teach, share, and problem solve. Thank you for planting our garden. Thank you for commenting on the blog, or bringing in a special item for our nature shelf, or donating a book to our library.

At the end of our first day of conferences yesterday, Sarah Lu and I turned to each other and agreed, “We have such great parents at this school.” We know that life is full, even over-flowing, for you all. Just wanted you to know that we see and appreciate what you do to raise and support your amazing children. As a person without children of my own, I am forever floored by the dedication, commitment, and pure energy (day in–day out) that it takes to parent.



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