Exploring Neighborhood Landmarks

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By Cheryl


All week we have offered a small group walk each day.  Today I accompanied Lois, Linny, Seamus, and Evan.  One thing I am really struck by and enjoy on these walks is the way the children are interested in everything around them.  They can stay fixed on something interesting for quite a while, touching, smelling and discussing how this miracle came to be.  This is one of my favorite things to do with them!  It keeps alive that part of ourselves that can be all too easily overlooked.

The "Ghost Tree"


We loved smelling the rosemary and sage!


We loved the "Cake", "Cookie" or "Diamond House"


The group found an interesting tree that was split with water inside. There was curiosity about how the water collected inside. Linny thought the tree might be dead but also noticed it was soft. We plan to check back with the tree as Spring unfolds.


Lois finds a mysterious white "X" on a corner.


Typical for the whole group to investigate the discovery of one.


These explorations are gentle and generous in nature.  I can’t see what comes next!

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  1. I have been thinking a lot about this particular aspect of our work this year. I am not a slow-paced person. I am more excitable and action-oriented, and it is hard for me to slow down. Thank you for taking time, and for honoring this pace, for calling attention to it, and for making a place for it. Thanks for pointing out an important aspect of what children have to offer and teach. This particular one is so easy for me to forget in the midst of the adult world.

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