Dear AO:

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by Sarah Lu

When we build something, it takes time. A large part of the Reggio and Constructivist philosophy is based on the notion that learning and life take time.

I was really proud of this little guy in the middle today.


AO has had a harder time this year trusting in us, the other children, and our rhythms and boundaries. Today when another child was wanting to exclude one of their friends, AO stood up for his friend, and stood up against his more familiar friend. He defended all of their rights to play together. He broke down a barrier that has in the past been imposed mostly by himself, and set up a new expectation for his friendship with WG.

AO had other moments that were challenging today. And this is a reminder for me, and perhaps others, that skills do not appear magically for any of us. Repetition, risk-taking, scaffolding, time, and patience are all required on the part of the teacher, and especially on the part of the learner.

Dear AO:

Thank you for reminding me about time, and about our collective right to learn. And thanks for the new acceptance of my rest-time head rub as well. I love you!

-Sarah Lu


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