Danced Into the World

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By Laura

On Friday, along with her parents Christin and Ajai, we celebrated the third birthday of MH.

DSC_0014MH brought in her special doll Lucy, whom she has had since she was a baby to show to her friends. She also showed us some pictures of herself as a baby with her cat, Dim Sum. Christin and Ajai adopted Dim Sum when they were living in Hong Kong before MH was born–they found her in a storm water grate and took her in. They brought her back to the US when they moved. MH and Dim Sum have always been very close. Christin told us that when MH was in her womb, she pushed her hand out and Dim Sum reached with her paw to give MH a high-five!

DSC_0012We learned that MH was born at home and Christin was in labor for a looong time. MH told us how her mama stretched out on a big exercise ball while she was waiting for her to be born. We also learned that Christin spent a lot of time dancing to the same Talking Heads song over and over trying to encourage MH to emerge. We got to see some of her dance moves during our birthday dance.  It’s no wonder that one of MH’s favorite classroom activity is dancing with our silk scarves.

DSC_0024What a joy it has been to watch this youngest member of our Th/Fri cohort grow and change over the past year. MH fills our classroom with bright curiosity, boisterous sunshine, and a warm enthusiasm. She tells us stories about Ajai’s “kids” (he’s a high school principal and basketball coach) and her favorite professional soccer players, she invites her friends to play grocery store or midwife, and her eyes sparkle when the paints are out or dance music is playing. Friendly to her peers old and young, she’s always ready to clink water bottles at lunch time with a smiling, “Cheers!”

Hope you had a fun birthday weekend, MH! Just as you danced your way into the world, you have danced your way into our hearts. We love you!





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