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by Cheryl

Today I had a special appointment with Tycho, Ujia, and Boone.   It was time for a cafe appointment!  The four of us set out under rather damp conditions to our cafe destination, Petite Provence.

Upon our arrival, a now familiar waiter greeted all the boys in a friendly manner, giving them high fives or fist bumps and showing them a special trick.   This occupied the children while I ordered and we waited for our drinks.

When our drinks were ready, we headed to a sidewalk table and enjoyed the refreshment and chatted.


When we finished, I ask the children to help with our clean-up as a way to show courtesy to the people at the cafe.  Everyone enthusiastically agreed to do this together.  They carried our empty cups, straws, napkins and carrier back into the restaurant chanting a familiar song that starts with the words “Teamwork, teamwork!”   Their efforts were most appreciated by staff and customers alike:)

I am one proud mama duck!

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