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by Sarah Lu

Today might be characterized as a busy day….  full of interesting work, spontaneous emergent themes, laughter, conflict, fun and successes.  There were many stories to be written, games to be played.  There was an air of excitement.

The children have been talking about menus for the cafe ever since it opened two weeks ago, and today we made our first menu.

Emi works on the cover of the menu for Cafe O Play.

Perry adds his expertise and helps out with the ‘P’.

Abby draws a drink for the inside of the menu.

Atticus draws a fish.

Cafe O Play workers get really tired and need their sleep, quite often!

There was a new game with our wooden planks, which we turned into ramps, much to the delight of some.

Ujia, Caleb, and Atticus discover the ramp, and work out different ways of sharing it.

Atticus taking a break so that his friends can have a turn.

Some more intimate duo and solo moments…

Shanti and Clementine working on their Halloween masks.

Allease working on her laptop.

Allease’s laptop.

A first visit from the Strategy Fairy.

Strategy Fairy comes for a visit.

Leila Ruthe touches our new strategy. When you are feeling upset or crowded, you can take some space.

And some play with our new outdoor easel.

Painting on the new outdoor easel.

The double-sided-ness makes for interesting collaborative scenarios.

Later in the day, Linny drew maps for the firefighters who were fighting fires around town, to let them know where to go. Genius!

I am often amazed by the breadth of stories, creativity and genuine exploration that comes from young children.  What might happen if the world were to listen more carefully to these young people?  Not just in a “Isn’t she cute…” kind of way, but to deeply listen to their ideas, and to be daily inspired by their musings.



























We got out our ramps to play with the trucks.

The Strategy Fairy visited the preschool, offering an image to the children to remind them that they can back away and get some space when they are feeling too crowded or overwhelmed.

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