Bunny Study

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By Laura

Today at circle we brought in one of our bunnies, Lucy, for the children to observe, discuss and wonder about.

Laura: What did you notice while watching Lucy?


ME: I saw her sniff this [block], she put her nose up against it and I heard it.

MC: I saw her walking around in circles.

EZ: I noticed something weird, she was going up to the wall and put her front feet against the wall . . . maybe she wanted to get out of the wall.

LRK: She was not moving too much and she was walking and stopping.


CS: That it has fur, even on her ears and around her eyes.

AM: Why is an outside thing in an inside place?

MC: Maybe it lives outside and inside.

Sarah Lu: Like my cats, they go inside and outside.

AH: I have friends who have a bunny inside.


Laura: What else do you know about bunnies?

CS: I know they like to eat straw.

[Sarah Lu adds some apple and a carrot to the bunny’s pen.]


Laura: What do you think she is feeling?

JR: She’s afraid.

CS: Maybe she’s scared about the food.

MC: Maybe because she’s never been inside and she doesn’t know this place.

Several kids announce: She’s sucking her foot! She’s licking! She’s cleaning herself!

CS: That’s what Baker does.

AH: Kitties lick to clean themselves.


OR: I saw her walk around.

AH: I think she wants some strawberries.

WG: She thinks her food is rotten. . . . Maybe she’ll clean her back.

JR: Maybe she thinks, ‘Why am I trapped?’

ME: Maybe she’s smelling the blocks, maybe she’s wondering if this is her house.

Sarah Lu: You know, bunnies sometimes like to chew on wood.

OR: I think she has a house for eating.

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