And Nibbled All the Trees

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By Laura

During a story appointment today, LRK decided, “I’m going to find a story in the dress-ups and I’ll include  AH’s characters when she dresses up in my story.”

2014-06-02With no less than eight costume changes she told the following story:

LRK was walking along and she found a fox. And then a wolf came. And then the bear. Then the wolf howled and scared the bear. And then a dog came, it was Ada’s dog. And then a kitty was there. She meowed. And then a giraffe came. The giraffe nibbled all the trees. And then the person with the necklace came. And the baby zebra came.

LRK’s dramatics, narration and bling inspired two other costume focused stories.


One day the little zebra princess and the little froggy princess were walking. And we saw a wolf in the woods who said, “Howl, howl.” And we ran away in the woods to our house. And then the wolf came in our house. And the kitty came to rescue us and the superhero came to rescue us. And that is the end of my story. –DH

DSC_0100The frog jumped into the air. The frog landed but he didn’t hurt. The frog got on a pad and hopped around the water. And that’s the end.  –OR


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