Adopt this baby!

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by Alisha

From yesterday’s workshop blossomed what I think will be a huge part of the our school year: Telling and acting out stories. So many of the Thursday/Friday kids have shown a lot of interest in telling and acting out the stories.

Here are some stories that were told during explore time and acted out later at lunch circle:

Once upon a time there was a kid named Laura and she got adopted. And then a Hummingbird Robot (HR) came. The parents brought their kid home. Then something started to stomp, stomp by her and it was the parents. And then they fed and sang and changed her. And then the HR adopted Laura. And then she had a sister named Bloom. And then something pushed her down and preschoolers named CR, MR, ZE, FA, ME and OW all said, “It’s okay little Laura.” And then little Laura’s parents came and said to the HR, “You can’t take our child.”And then the HR and Laura flew away! They kept yelling at the HR and he finally dropped the baby back to them. Then all the same preschoolers said, “C’mon. We’ll take you to your parents.” But then the parents of the child came and almost stomped on the HR. And then the parents put the HR outside in timeout and tied him up with a rope. And then they stomped on the HR and brought it to bad baby jail and put it in a cage so baby Laura wouldn’t be afraid. Then a superhero and the HR’s mother came and saved the HR. The parents got put in jail by the HR. Laura had her birthday and then she was five and then she was six and she rescued her parents, she got them out of jail. And then the preschoolers said, “Now that you have a Mama and Dada we don’t have to take care of you any more.” And the parents said, “Thank you.” And the kids went back into the preschool. Then the Mama HR found the baby HR and said, “I love you even though you’ve been so mean to me.” Then ME’s dad came and helped little baby Laura (ME’s mom). Then OW’s mom and dad and Clover came and picked OW up from school. And then FA’s mom and dad came and picked him up from school.
By ME,OW and FA
Once upon a time a little bird that didn’t have a mom and he was very sad. His mom came near and said, “There’s no reason to cry.” So his dad came near. And his mommy and daddy gave him a kiss and hug. They went home and then they had some popcorn.
A big slide is at my house. And we had a school bus that had a little slide. And we had a sandbox at home that’s a turtle. I played all day long. And at our old house MR and CR were tiny, tiny babies. But we just growed bigger. And when Dada was born he got adopted. We’re allergic to nuts. When I was going to go to sleep I hided right by inside Tulip. When I was a little baby I just growed up in Mama’s belly and when we were big we went to Tulip Treee. We walked on the stump circle and the stump “I”. AdR was climbing on the teepee and that was not okay. And then the top of the teepee broke off and it went up really high.
Not only are the children becoming increasingly interested in story telling, but about adoption and family diversity as well, as you can see in the stories. Natalie visited us during morning circle and the children sat wide eyed, with listening intently to her story.  As they are figuring out what adoption is and how they relate to it, they find ways to incorporate it in things they already do. During lunch we often tell knock knock jokes. I will end this post with a joke by FA
Knock, Knock
Who’s there?
Adopted who?
Adopt this baby!

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