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By Laura

After taking the following photos of ARM, EZ, JR and SS, who were dressed up as a king, a Darth Vader, a king and a ninja respectively, JR asked, “Laura, will those photos be on the blog?” I responded, “Would you like them to be?” and he smiled and said, “Yes.”

I love it when children give us ideas about what and how we should document. In his request JR was telling me, “This moment is important, I want to share it with my family, I want to be able to remember it and reflect on it later.” I also appreciate that he understands that he has a voice in when and how his work at preschool is presented. So much happens in any given preschool day and it was a good reminder that every member of our classroom would probably choose something different to focus on for the blog. Thanks for the request, JR. Keep ’em coming.

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