A Little Goose Turns 4

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By Laura


Today we celebrated the  birthday of CS. We were joined by her parents, Oliver and Emilia and her baby sister. CS was born four short years ago, just days before Christmas. She wanted her friends to know that she was born at home, on her parents’ bed. They described it as “one of the best days of our life.” Cooking and sharing food has always been an important part of her family’s culture and true to form, that Christmas they prepared a large holiday meal with friends and family including a roasted goose. Once the goose was on the table they realized it was about the same size as their new infant. And so, for this first feast, they set their sleeping babe on a platter beside the main dish. Luckily only one “little Christmas goose” was eaten that day.


CS was a bit tongue tied trying to think of a wish for herself, but she delighted in hearing her friends wishes for her. Everything from marbles, to cakes, to princess castles, to a cork. Oh, yeah, and AO wished her exactly “four minutes at FA’s house.” Maybe next year she’ll get a full five minutes…


CS loves looking at and listening to books. She brought in a large Pooh bear to show her friends and while it was passed around the circle, Oliver read to us from one of her favorite chapters of the Winnie the Pooh, “Ch. 5 In Which Piglet Meets a Heffalump.” He does an excellent Piglet voice.

DSC_0027  DSC_0030

DSC_0024CS requested orange muffins for her birthday treat and was excited to hear that these had never been made at Tulip Tree before. Our baking group worked with diligence–carefully smelling and measuring each ingredient before mixing them up. CS sat lovingly close to her friends at the baking table, relishing her turn in the birthday spotlight. It seems, however, that she saves her largest dose of cuddles for her younger sister.



I’ve known Emilia and Oliver since our days in the college dorms together. At that time, I never in a million years would have imagined that one day I would be their child’s preschool teacher. I moved back to Portland a month after she was born and it is impossible to put into words what a treat it has been to watch her grow into the curious, feisty, joyous, affectionate, and generous preschooler we know today. As she showed me all the things she could reach around the classroom, “now that I’m (almost) four,” I was struck yet again by how quickly this little goose has grown.

Have a wonderful birthday CS, we love you!


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  1. Wonderful writeup! I suppose I never thought I’d be commenting on my daughter’s preschool blog a decade ago.

    Happy as ever that C is at Tulip Tree,

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