Days of Summer

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by Sarah Lu

Tulip welcomed us into her world today.  As soon as the children got outside, after we had told them that they could play on her, they made a swift beeline to crawl through her hole and climb on the bench and sit on the throne.


The children also spent time assessing their own planning, design-work, and constructing by drawing Tulip.


FA’s rendition of Tulip with eyes, trunk, and a wee little sprout of a tail sticking out from behind.












SF's drawing of a person stomping on cob.

SF’s drawing of a person stomping on cob.








We also brought out the tactile tub today and the children made all sorts of discoveries.  They began with clear water.


And then added straw…


And dirt…  And magical rocks that change color when you immerse them in water.



And as well as reconstructing the process of cobbing, they also deconstructed some cob balls.



AND we harvested our first peas and had a pea party at lunch.  We love summer!!!


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