5 Trips Around The Sun

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by Alisha

This morning Stephanie, EZ’s mama, joined us for EZ’s birthday celebration. They showed us many photographs of EZ when he was a baby. We even got to see a photo of EZ when he was only one minute old.¬†Stephanie explained that the day EZ was born was kind of like EZ himself– busy and full of activity. She exercised, got a massage and went to the hospital at night to have him.


This photo of EZ as a baby captures the essence of Ethan as we know him at school– full of life, enthusiasm, and many facial expressions


EZ— We are so happy to have spent your 5th birthday with you. We have loved being a part of your life for the last year and will miss you so so so much when you go to kindergarten. We know that you will make many new friends and have lots of fun on your new adventures. We love you!DSC_0020-001


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