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By Laura

During morning play time inside there was a lot of interest in building with blocks. Wade was really excited to show me a structure he had built and I asked him if he wanted to draw it. This little push–to challenge him to translate a 3-D building into 2-D was incredibly well-received. He crouched low with his clipboard and color pencil and began carefully outlining the shapes and most of the children in the playroom noticed and asked if they, too, could draw their creations. Soon the room with abuzz with that “we’re doing important work” energy. Evan proudly showed me his first drawing and asked if he could have another paper because, “I love this.”  Translation across media increases versatility and understanding with both media. In drawing the blocks they had to invent how to show that one block was on top or underneath another–each of them solved this problem in a different way. Linny decided to draw two pictures–the building when she had just started and the competed one. Seamus, instead, used overlapping lines to show a square block on top of two rectangle ones; just as you would build he drew the rectangles first and then the square on top of them. I am excited to return to these drawings next week to see if they would like to re-build their structures using their drawings as a guide.

Wade draws all the pieces in his “balance structure.”

Seamus had been building and playing block instruments with Linny and Perry. He draws both of his “drums”.

After completing one drawing of a building, Linny decides to build another so she can draw it, too.

Evan examines his second drawing of a building with a look of satisfaction.

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