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Silks with Heidi https://tuliptreepreschool.com/tuliptree/silks-with-heidi/ https://tuliptreepreschool.com/tuliptree/silks-with-heidi/#respond Wed, 11 Sep 2019 20:47:34 +0000 https://tuliptreepreschool.com/?p=22275 Today we had our first visit this school year from Heidi, our music teacher. We had a lot of fun dancing and singing with colorful silk scarves!

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Snapshots from our morning https://tuliptreepreschool.com/tuliptree/snapshots-from-our-morning/ https://tuliptreepreschool.com/tuliptree/snapshots-from-our-morning/#respond Tue, 10 Sep 2019 21:04:21 +0000 https://tuliptreepreschool.com/?p=22265

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Dress up time! https://tuliptreepreschool.com/tuliptree/dress-up-time/ https://tuliptreepreschool.com/tuliptree/dress-up-time/#respond Mon, 09 Sep 2019 20:14:59 +0000 https://tuliptreepreschool.com/?p=22244

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What is circle time? https://tuliptreepreschool.com/tuliptree/what-is-circle-time/ https://tuliptreepreschool.com/tuliptree/what-is-circle-time/#respond Wed, 04 Sep 2019 23:50:24 +0000 https://tuliptreepreschool.com/?p=22231 Read More]]> Today was a really great day. We got to play outside a lot and get to know each other better. A lot of our work this first week of school is about getting to know one another, making ourselves comfortable in a new space, getting used to a new group and learning to trust that you are safe away from your family with new caregivers. Another large part of our work in the first couple of weeks is about logistics. What is circle time? How do I wait in line? Where do I put my napkin? How do I find my spot at the table? How do I get the snack on my plate? There are sooo many things that we are learning at every minute of every day at preschool. Here are some of those things-

Since we will be at circle time 3 times a day, we thought it was important to explain what we do at circle time. This morning we focused on creating circle time agreements.

Agreement #1: Sit criss cross applesauce on the edge of the rug.

Agreement #2: Raise your “silent candle” if you’d like a turn to talk.

Agreement #3: If you’d like to touch, ask to hold hands with a friend next to you.

We also learned how to serve our own snack

Then at our lunch time circle, before lining up to wash hands for lunch, we focused on the difficult task of how to form a line. We told a story using little people figurines and had the kids help them line up for the bathroom.

Then we practiced it ourselves!


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First Day of School https://tuliptreepreschool.com/tuliptree/first-day-of-school-2/ https://tuliptreepreschool.com/tuliptree/first-day-of-school-2/#respond Tue, 03 Sep 2019 20:43:12 +0000 https://tuliptreepreschool.com/?p=22197 This morning we learned some new songs, learned about our daily schedule, played with the bunnies, sat in a circle, waited in line, explored our new classroom spaces, read books, ate a delicious snack and lunch, met new friends, rode bikes, played in the sand box and much more! We had a really wonderful first morning of school together.

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Fire Drills and Shooting Stars https://tuliptreepreschool.com/tuliptree/fire-drills-and-shooting-stars/ https://tuliptreepreschool.com/tuliptree/fire-drills-and-shooting-stars/#comments Fri, 26 Jul 2019 21:50:09 +0000 https://tuliptreepreschool.com/?p=22180 Read More]]> By Bee

Yesterday I spent some of my planning time refreshing our Studio space with Mage. The Studio presents a special sort of conundrum because it is where the children work after nap while there are still friends sleeping below them. Finding materials that are both engaging and quiet…that support inquiry without inviting full body play…well it is tricky with toddlers to say the least.  Anything that delights them almost DEMANDS that they effusively jump while ululating their joy to the roof. Full body excitement is certainly one of our favorite languages at Elm House, and yet we must also hold space for one of the most important types of self care out there: sleep.

The stars aligned yesterday afternoon, and we ended up spending two lovely hours with seven friends working companionably in the Studio.

It started when one child noticed that the afternoon sunlight was catching the sequins on a pillow, and casting them across the walls like a net filled with star dust.

“Look, look!”



“Me! Me! I want that!”

The children picked up the pillows and took turns rotating them in the sunshine, relishing in the way the light frolicked at their invitation.

Bee: “The lights give me lots of feelings. It looks like a nebula. Mm. So beautiful. What does it look like to you, OC?’

OC: “It looks like…um…like fire drills!”

Bee: “Like fire drills? Oooh! Wow!”

LR: “And it looks like shooting stars.”

Bee: “And shooting stars? Sooo beautiful.”

The children calmly look turns in front of the window. Alternating both who was casting the reflection, and which pillow we were using. They noted that the lights from the purple pillow were much more crisp and clear, while the lights from our rainbow pillow were muted, “like underwater.”

The children then experimented with both pillows at the same time, and companionably shared the small strip of space in between the windows.

“Whoa, it’s bright!”

“Look! So many!”

We were then presented with a perfect opportunity to add in artistic expression as we noticed that the lights were being cast all along the far wall. We quickly unrolled a giant piece of butcher paper, and allowed the children to color over the lights as they appeared on the paper.

As you can imagine, with seven children collaborating on one piece, the initial prompt was quickly forgotten, and instead of tracing lights the children used color and motion to capture the joy and enchantment that the experience with the light had given us.

As the children finished drawing they walked over to hand back their markers, and sought out new work. AB chose to read a book by the window, and the light let us know it wasn’t finished showing us how magical our world is.

“Look, look! AB! So many sparkles”


First we were engineers, then artists, and now we had become the canvas.

One by one the children and teachers found a spot in the light and allowed it to gently dance across us.

As you reflect on these images I will leave you with a quote by Alexandra Elle, that our afternoon brought to mind for me:

 “The Sun will rise and set regardless. What we choose to do with the Light while it’s here is up to us.” 

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More Bubbles https://tuliptreepreschool.com/tuliptree/more-bubbles/ https://tuliptreepreschool.com/tuliptree/more-bubbles/#respond Wed, 24 Jul 2019 20:58:52 +0000 https://tuliptreepreschool.com/?p=22166 By Bee

We can’t get enough of our giant bubble wands over here at Elm House. Here are some more photographs, including a couple of POPS!

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How many children does it take to lift a stump? https://tuliptreepreschool.com/tuliptree/how-many-children-does-it-take-to-lift-a-stump/ https://tuliptreepreschool.com/tuliptree/how-many-children-does-it-take-to-lift-a-stump/#respond Tue, 23 Jul 2019 22:59:25 +0000 https://tuliptreepreschool.com/?p=22158 Read More]]> by Mage

Recently, LR discovered that he is strong enough to lift up most of the stumps in our backyard, independently. If you’re not familiar with our backyard stumps, the ground beneath them is a habitat of much exploration of various creatures, especially worms. The stumps are quite large and heavy, though somewhat lighter in the summer when they are dry and not weighted down with moisture. Anyway, LR found that he could lift the stumps independently, and he has been volunteering to do this for the other children during explore time. (The three photos in sequence below are from July 9th, the first time I observed LR lifting a stump).

This morning, HA, JL and CG were interested in lifting up the stumps. HA asked me to lift the stumps, and I said that I know LR can lift up the stumps, and suggested that HA ask him for help.

HA (to LR): Can you lift the stumps? Can you lift the stumps for us?

LR: Yeah, okay!

LR lifted a stump and the children began talking excitedly about what they saw there. We only found one worm under this particular stump, but the children had lots of questions about how to pick it up gently, with many attempts to do so. As the group moved to another stump, AK, ZC and NB joined us to talk about a different worm, a slug, and a beetle. NB brought a cup over and scooped up the worm for everyone to examine.

The children were ready to put down that stump and lift another, but LR was engaged in another activity by that time. So ZC attempted to lift the stump on her own, then called out, “Help! Help lift the stump!” And so, hearing the call to action, CW and JL came over to lend a hand. The three of them together were able to lift up that stump. How many two-year-olds does it take to lift a stump? Looks like the answer is three two-year-olds (or one three-year-old).

Cooperation is a big theme for this school, especially this year, and today it was noteworthy to me that the children are more open to asking one another for help, and they’re more and more receptive to lending a hand when asked by another child.


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More connecting! https://tuliptreepreschool.com/elm-house-blog/more-connecting/ https://tuliptreepreschool.com/elm-house-blog/more-connecting/#respond Tue, 23 Jul 2019 18:19:54 +0000 https://tuliptreepreschool.com/?p=22146 Read More]]> I’m seeing so many connections this month! I see that these toddlers are finding things that they have in common with each other and using that as a way to interact, and therefore, bond. I have no doubt that these bonds (old & new) will only grow stronger as we approach the new school year. We are excited to watch these friendships flourish!

We all like to wear “helmets”

We both like to use chalk to draw on stools


Look! We’re both in this picture!

We all like to use the funnels

We both like to bounce on Rodys

We are equally curious about new faces at Elm House

We both like balls and sitting on the bench

High five? *head nod yes* We both like high fives!

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