Elm House Daily Rhythm


Elm House is open 8-5, Monday through Friday.

The daily rhythm is a gentle guide, not a strict measurement of time. Moments and schedules are always changeable and we will put the needs of the group first. Some days may include field trips, and visits to nearby locations.

The children and families arrive.
8:30- 9:20
Children play inside. Children explore in a variety of and spaces including the studio and the basement. From 9:30 to 10:00, children are invited to have a healthy organic snack.
Morning circle. Children meet in small groups to sing songs, play a game, or read a book.
Children eat a healthy snack in small groups.
Teacher help children in their many different stages of diapering and toilet learning.
During explore time, children may choose from a number of activities, some as provocations from teachers, others imagined by children. This is frequently an outdoor time for Elm House children.
The children and teachers eat a homemade lunch in small groups around our tables.
Afternoon explore time, including a healthy snack, outdoor time, and a music circle.